The 14th International Music Workshop and Festival 
Akademie Schloss Kirchberg 

Schloss Kirchberg an der Jagst, Germany
August 7 - 20, 2017
Artistic Director: Prof. Kyoko Hashimoto 

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"Being a participant in the 7th International Music Workshop and Festival (IMWF) was a very rewarding and enriching experience and was a great opportunity to work with world-class faculty and upcoming young professionals. Previously, I had worked with Kyoko Hashimoto, piano faculty, at McGill University, so I knew that IMWF would be filled with passion and very high standards for music-making. Benzion Shamir, violin faculty, and RaphaelRosenfeld, cello faculty, were also great coaches and inspired the participants to be better chamber musicians. By the end of the festival, I had changed as a musician; I left the festival with a more diversified sound palette, and with a more mature interpretation of music. It was very satisfying to be able to perform our pieces in their entirety for such warm audiences as we had at Schloss Stetten and Schloss Kirchberg. The best part of IMWF was meeting musicians from all over the world – snippets of at least five languages could be heard at dinner table conversation, and there were many intercultural discussions, regarding music or otherwise. The colleagues that I met at IMWF will be friends for life." -Alissa Cheung 

"Workshop 2008 was one of the most magical musical experiences of my life.The combination of a world-class faculty, intense lesson schedule, friendly atmosphere, and wonderful, talented colleagues made for the perfect summer music program. I have never heard of a workshop that offers such a generous schedule of instruction. Professor Hashimoto is the ideal teacher--unflaggingly demanding yet encouraging, serious yet whimsical, utterly brilliant yet down-to-earth. She is a true inspiration. " - Dory Hayley 

"This is the perfect workshop for the real hardcore chamber musicians - a unique opportunity to collaborate with high caliber musicians from around the world!" - Tomoko Inui 

"The Workshop was one the most rewarding musical experiences of my life - intense coaching, rehearsing and practicing plus good opportunities to play, all in a friendly atmosphere. Precious advice from Ms. Hashimoto and the other professors made me progress greatly and broadened my musical understanding."- Ricardo Sa Leao 

These are the words from former participants describing the International Music Workshop and Festival for the past 13 years. It is a unique, very rewarding and enjoyable summer festival for advanced musicians. This year will be its 14th edition, and we have established very nice community of musicians from all over the world and the Workshop has provided rare opportunities for intense music (especially chamber music) making.